The Reading Rut: Routine – (#4 of 6)

When I first planned this series of the ‘Reading Rut,’ this post was not included in my plan. But as I constructed the previous articles, I realized that the following is an important aspect of reading that needs to be considered. So far, we have looked at some pretty important and encouraging reasons why we should be reading The Bible. In light of these, I hope that it has been clear that reading the Bible is not an aim to be achieved in itself; that is, it is not so we can tell others that we are ticking the Bible-reading box, or even to feel that we are fulfilling our ‘requirements’ as a Christian before God. Rather, it is a means to a greater end—Christ-likeness for God’s glory. Because of this purpose, the way we approach and undertake reading the Bible is incredibly important.

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The Reading Rut: Reasons Part 2 – (#3 of 6)

Why Read the Bible Regularly?

In my previous post, I explored a few reasons why we should be reading God’s Word; that it is God’s chosen way of communicating with us, that it aids our growth by teaching us, correcting us and equipping us to live a godly life, and like a roadmap, it tells us where we are, where we are going and how we get there, giving us an eternal perspective.
These are all very good and important reasons, but if you are someone like me who has grown up as a Christian or has read a lot of your Bible in the past, there is the potential to justify not reading your Bible because you already know the stories and the general gist of it. You know the roadmap already, you know what is regarded as sinful and what glorifies God, so what more knowledge are you going to gain? Aside from the fact that I feel like we are actually never going to stop learning and growing in understanding of God’s Word because it’s so deep and huge, there are many more reasons why we should become disciplined in reading the Bible regularly.

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The Reading Rut: Reasons Part 1- (#2 of 6)

Why Read the Bible?

I’ve actually come across a few blog posts in my time that, in their well-meaning pursuit to cut to the chase and get on with the application, say something along the lines of, ‘I’m sure you’ve already know why we need to read the Bible’ or ‘We don’t need hear why it is important, we need help with how to read it’. I have no doubt that these sort of posts have their place, but in doing this little series on ‘The Reading Rut’ I was conscious that all the helpful tips and best resources are nothing if we don’t first understand why we should be reading, and should want to be reading in the first place.

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The Reading Rut – (#1 of 6)

All of us have been there at some point before; you may even be there right now. And despite the guilt, shame, and knowing that you really just need to get onto it and fix it, it often seems like no amount of trying and good intentions can get you out of it. I’m talking about a reading rut—a place where reading God’s Word is just not a regular part of your day-to-day life, or even life at all. I have seen this countless times, and for a variety of reasons; a dislike of reading in general, loss of motivation, habit that has been lost, squeezed for time, perceived lack of fruit, not understanding the passage or seeing its relevance, or a sense of distance from God.

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