The Reflective Season

Post-Christmas, with every day that passes in the lead up to New Years Eve, increasing joy and excitement bubble up in my heart. There is something about the opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and the anticipation of a fresh start in the new year which just isn’t the same as intentional times of reflection throughout the year. Bloggers worldwide reflect on their top books of the year gone, write their hopes and prayers for the new year, and provide wisdom and practical advice on how to approach new Bible reading plans or being more engaged in important spiritual disciplines as people start to think about new year resolutions.

Our wedding anniversary is also in late December, and each year as we celebrate by going out for dinner, we take with us a set of questions which we ask each other and reflect on, and spend our evening sharing and discussing our answers. For me, this really kickstarts this end of year season of reflection, and I find the time set aside for intentional reflection and answering specific questions valuable. It is also a great asset in listening to what God is calling me to in the coming year, as well as seeing how God has been at work when I look back on how my answers change year by year.

So considering this, I thought I would compile some questions to reflect on as the year comes to an end, which are more general than my ‘heart questions’. If like me, you have a box of unused notebooks and journals (all of which are very pretty but I currently have no need for), think about using one to record your reflections each year so that over time you can see how God has been working in and through you.

1. Where have you seen God most at work throughout this past year?
2. What has been a highlight of this past year, and why?
3. What has been your biggest struggle of the past year?
4. What area or characteristic do you feel like you have most grown in?
5. Where have you been convicted of, or seen a need for future growth?
6. How have been going in practicing spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, meditation, fellowship, worship, fasting)? and are you doing these to grow in godliness? (1 Timothy 4:7)
7. Who has been encouraging and upbuilding you in your walk with God this year?
8. Who has God placed on your heart to be investing in and sharing the gospel with?