Why hello! Welcome to Miss Linguine. Firstly, despite the name, this isn’t a food blog. At least I don’t think I plan it to be… Although I do love to cook, and bake, try new things and take endless photos of my food. So in hindsight I maybe should have reserved the name for any future food blog endeavors. The name is a play on my surname, Ling. That was about as clever as I could get.

Now that we have sorted that out – this is me. All bundled up because we seem to have about 9 months of winter where I live in the stunningly beautiful (but reasonably cold) Tasmania.



I am a lover of Jesus, His Church and His Word. I am particularly passionate about discipleship and Christian community. I am in my final year of studying medicine – soon to be a doctor! And I love to be creative, through papercraft, photography, scrapbooking, watercolour, painting – whatever takes my fancy at the time!